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Ecocell® Ecocell®

A new technology for plastics-green and lean

A new technology - Ecocell® is a new technology in which gas- generating particles are infused into the polymer melt to create a cellular structure in the plastic. A cellular structure in the microcellular range is easily achievable across a broad range of polymers and processes, producing very small cells at a size unachievable with present day CFA technology. It provides superior performance when compared to existing materials.

Sustainable - Ecocell® reduces polymer use by up to 50% and reduces carbon footprint by 90% of the material saved. There is also a decrease in energy consumed with a product made with Ecocell® compared to the same product made conventionally.

Lean - Ecocell® reduces material consumption, reduces energy requirements, and increases material throughput. Its use adds up to a substantial cost savings for the processor.

Ecocell® is for use in existing processes and products

Ecocell® can be used in extrusion, molding and blow molding and as a nucleating agent in foaming systems that use physical blowing agents. Ecocell® is intended for use in such applications as thermoforming, sheet, structural foam molded parts, oriented polypropylene films, foamed label stock, blow molding, injection molding, extruded profiles, plastic lumber and much more.

Ecocell® is compatible in a variety of polymers

Ecocell® can be used with low and high density polyethylene, copolymer polyethylenes, polypropylene homopolymers and copolymers, crystal and impact polystyrene, PVDF, TPOs, and TPEs.

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